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The 3DQUAKERS team would like to thank the CG and the Cinema 4D community for a wonderful 2016. This year has witnessed a tremendous development of the Forester line of products, and 2017 will bring you Forester 2, with amazing new features, many of which were requested by our users.

Use the coupon BLACKFRIDAY2016 in our webstore to take advantage of the 30% discount for new licenses of Forester for Cinema 4D and Softimage. This sale runs from 11/25/2016 till 12/2/2016, so hurry up!

Happy Holidays!

Forester MultiCloner

Forester is a new 3D technology for creating natural elements such as trees, plants, grass and rocks, and scattering them over terrain. Forester elements are completely animatable with our proprietary  HyperWind® technology to deliver hyper-realistic wind animation effects with absolutely minimal effort.

Forester is currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D and AutoDesk Softimage.



Forester for Cinema 4D ships with 4 modules, Forester Trees, an advanced tree generator, MultiFlora, an advanced plant/grass generator, MultiCloner, an advanced scattering/distribution tool, and Forester Rock, a high detail rock generator.

Forester for Cinema 4D



Forester for Softimage is an ICE-based set of compounds that offer the following functionality: Tree generator, Forest generator, Leaf generator, Basic Plant Generator and a Scatter object.

Forester for Softimage
  • I’m completely blown away! The simulation options alone are absolutely amazing. This is the gold standard of foliage. 

    P. Letourneau
  • Forester is an amazing plugin and the most advanced Tree and Landscape creation plugin on the market today!

    J. Scheiwe
  • Creating endless high quality tree and plant variations with a few clicks is fantastic and worth the money. The best solution for Cinema4D.

    O. Petz
  • Forester is a really versatile and fun plugin to work with, and I’m sure I’ll be using it quite often in the future.

    S. Rosenkranz
  • Congratulations on a fantastic plugin. I’m very impressed! Numerous yet logical options so I’m sure I will be able to get some great results!

    R. Rhodes
  • Awesome plugin! Endless possibilities! Now it’s time to learn it. Thanks again, so much fun to work with Forester!

    J. Patrias


Forester for Cinema 4D released!

Forester forest sunset

The 3DQUAKERS team is proud to announce the immediate release of Forester for Cinema 4D. Forester is nature creation tool that generates trees, plants, rocks, and scatters them on geometry, all with amazing wind effects

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Tutorial: Animated Grass Field 1/2

This tutorial shows how to create an animated grass field with Forester for Cinema 4D using MultiFlora and MultiCloner.

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Tutorial: Animated Grass Field 2/2

This tutorial shows how to create an animated grass field with Forester for Cinema 4D using MultiFlora and MultiCloner.

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