Forester for Softimage Licensing


Forester for Softimage is node locked, which means it runs on one machine per license. The license is locked to the machine’s MAC address.


Forester for Softimage is compatible with Softimage 2013, 2014 and 2015 running on Windows 64-bits platforms.
Windows 32-bits and Linux are not supported.


Forester is priced at 259 USD, for single machine use. In the case more than 1 license is needed, please email us for multiple license offers.


The plugin license is tied to the customer’s machine MAC address. If the customer wants to use the plugin on more than 1 machine (non simultaneously), then they need to supply a MAC address connected to a USB device, like a BlueTooth USB Stick or a WLAN USB Stick. Upon installation, the plugin will generate the MAC address in the Softimage Script log window, coming from the network card or the connected USB device. This MAC address should be emailed to us in order to receive a license.


Once the order is placed, you will instantly receive an email with instructions to download from our download area. Once downloaded, you should send us the MAC address generated in the Softimage Script log window in order authorize it on your machine. All credit card processing is handled by Esellerate. No credit card info is passed to 3DQUAKERS.


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