Forester for Cinema 4D Frequently Asked Questions


Which versions of Cinema 4D does Forester support?

Forester for Windows is compatible with Cinema 4D 64-bits R14, R15, R16, R17, R18 and R19.
Forester for Mac OS X is compatible with Cinema 4D 64-bits R16, R17, R18 and R19.

Is there a trial version of Forester?

There is no trial version of Forester. All the functions of Forester are demonstrated very clearly in the video documentation, which exposes all facets of the tools. The reason that Forester does not have a trial version is due to the fact that Forester is a generator plugin, whose elements can be made editable.

Does Forester support Team Render rendering?

Yes Forester supports free Team Render rendering. Just place the Forester plugin folder in your client machine Cinema 4D plugin folder and Forester will load with Team Render client normally. The main machine does require a Forester license, but Team Render client machines do not require a Forester license.

What is the update plan for Forester customers?

Customers who have purchased Forester version 1 will receive all 1.x updates for free.

Does Forester have support for Cinema 4D License Server?

Currently, License Server is not supported. Forester needs to be installed locally on the Cinema 4D installation.

What is the capacity of the MutliCloner in terms of clone count?

The upper limit capacity of the MultiCloner is about 1 to 1.5 million clones.

Does MultiCloner hide the instance masters automatically?

The MultiCloner does not hide the instance masters (children of the MultiCloner) like the MoGraph cloner does. These have to be moved away from the camera view manually. Some render engines, like Arnold, hide the instance masters automatically.

How to render animated trees and plants with Motion Blur?

To render with motion blur, tree and plant wind needs to be cached using the CACHE SIMULATION button. The cache simulation button is found under the Simulation tab for trees, and the HyperWind tab for MultiFlora plants.

Does the Forester library contain any built-in materials?

Forester’s tree library comes with simple tree bark textures. MultiFlora plants also have built-in textures that will update whenever the user selects a new plant from the included library. The MultiFlora creates automatic texture tags depending of the type of plant chosen. Users can also use custom textures if needed.

Does Forester use Alpha Maps?

Forester trees and plants are procedural geometry. This eliminates the use of Alpha Maps, and thus keeps the rendering very efficient. Users can however opt to use alpha maps, as any other type of map supported by Cinema 4D,  if they so require.

What renderers does Forester support?

Forester supports all major Cinema 4D third party renderers, including VRay, Arnold, Octane, Corona, Redshift, Maxwell and Thea Render.

Some render engine which are still in the alpha/beta state are not fully supported. Please email us if the renderer you are using is not mentioned in this F.A.Q.

How do I use the MultiCloner with the Arnold renderer?

When using the Arnold renderer, the user needs to check the Compatibility Mode checkbox to activate clone distribution.

How many trees and plants come installed with the Forester library?

Forester ships with 72 different Forester trees and 50 different MultiFlora plants. These trees and plants are all procedural, and therefore can be changed with unlimited variations.

Can Forester be activated to run on several Cinema 4D installations on the same machine?

As long as it is on the same machine, users are allowed (and will be granted keys) to run Forester on their installed Cinema 4D versions.

Does Forester ship with a rock library?

Forester does not ship with a rock library. This website features a rock gallery to show what is possible with the Forester Rock object. Users are encouraged to create their owns rocks and save them in the Cinema 4D preset browser for later use.

Why is there a price difference between Forester for Cinema 4D and Forester for Softimage?

Forester for Cinema 4D ships with a multitude of advanced features not available in the Softimage version, like

  1. Trees with multilevel edits
  2. Hyper realistic wind for trees and plants
  3. Tree Library of 72 different trees
  4. MultiFlora plants
  5. Plant Library of 50 different plants
  6. MultiCloner scatter object which takes children as clone sources
  7. Advanced distribution options for the MultiCloner
  8. Third party render support
  9. Rock object
  10. and more…

Hence the price difference.

Is there a side-grade plan for Forester for Softimage users?

3DQUAKERS offers a side-grade plan for users who have purchased licenses for Forester for Softimage and want to transfer their license to Forester for Cinema 4D. Please email us for more details.



If you have questions that are not answered in this F.A.Q. feel free to contact us.