Forester for Cinema 4D Feature List
Forester Oak Tree

Forester is equipped with many production-level features that put it way ahead of the competition. This page lists these features, categorized by component. For a hands-on application of all of these features, please visit our video documentation page where every parameter inside Forester for Cinema 4D is carefully explained.


Forester Trees Feature List


Optimized Display

Forester trees can be displayed as full geometry or as openGL lines in the C4D viewport. Watch Video

Tree Growth

Tree growth supports trunk/branch overlap as well as trunk/branch ratio. Watch Video

Tree Flatten

Trees can be flattened to motion graphics work or to be used as tree texture generator. Watch Video

Noise Selection

Users can opt for up to 16 noise types for trunk and branch deformation. Watch Video

Render Subdivision

Trunks and branches can have render subdivision multipliers for higher render resolution. Watch Video

Trunk Displacement

Trunks can be displaced in the viewport as well as in the render with built-in displacement. Watch Video

Trunk Modifiers

Trunks have built-in modifiers like Bend and Turbulence for streamlined workflow. Watch Video

Root Flares

Trunks can have root flares with customizable count, strength and rise along the trunk. Watch Video

Trunk CrossSection

Trunks can have spline input for cross sections and can fade the spline shape with height. Watch Video

Trunk Path Spline

Trunks support spline input for the trunk path with realtime update. Watch Video

Trunk Protrusions

Tree can have protrusions sprouting out of their trunks with customizable placement. Watch Video

Trunk Attachments

Trunks support attachments at their base or at the top for augmented detail. Watch Video

Tree Roots

Forester trees support animated root attachments. These roots become part of the tree. Watch Video

Hyper Realistic Wind

Forester wind is unique in the industry and provides hyper-realistic results in no time. Watch Video

Looping Wind

Forester supports looping wind that loops over a specified number of frames. Watch Video

Branch Spread Simulation

Branch spreading can be automatically simulated with springing and damping. Watch Video

Global Controls

Many branch parameters can be controlled globally thus reducing editing time. Watch Video

Sophisticated Controls

Branches have multitudes of controls for tailor-made shaping and customization. Watch Video

Leaf Primitive

Leaves are generated as polygons with up to 3 materials. Billboard cards are also supported. Watch Video

Fruit Attachment

Forester trees support geometry fruit attachment with density controls. Watch Video


Snow can be generated over branches with controls over branch level and density. Watch Video

UV Controls

All Forester tree elements have UV controls for precise texture orientation and tiling.

Extensive Tree Library

Forester ships with a pre-installed library of 72 unique and beautiful trees. Check Library

Material Selections

Materials can be assigned with custom selection tags to affect different parts of the tree.


MultiFlora Feature List


Optimized Display

Plants can be displayed as openGL lines for fast interaction when wind is active. Watch Video

Global Plant Growth

Growth is controlled by a global parameter, and with local control for each plant part. Watch Video

Fibonacci Distribution

Element are generated in a Fibonacci distribution pattern which mimics real life distribution . Watch Video

Grass Generation

MultiFlora supports grass, stems, blades and leaves  with an immense level of control. Watch Video

Ratio Adaptation

Almost all elements in MultiFlora support ratio evaluation for natural sequencing. Watch Video

Element Modifiers

Most elements in MultiFlora have built-in modifiers for fast access control. Watch Video

Realistic Turbulence

Elements can be turbulized, or deformed by noise with control over scale and phase. Watch Video

Profile Curves

MultiFlora supports profile curves for many elements shape for precise control. Watch Video

Render Multipliers

Elements like grass blades and stems support render count multipliers. Watch Video

Local Growth

In addition to global growth, elements can get grown locally for added control. Watch Video


Stems and grass elements react to tropism to orient the plant in a custm direction. Watch Video

Natural Bending

The MultiFlora bend modifier supports bend start and end controls for natural shaping. Watch Video

Natural Folding

The Fold modifier wraps elements naturally across their length with start and end controls. Watch Video


Filaments are generated on stigmas with controls for size, length and profile. Watch Video

Flower Creation

Forester trees can be displayed as full geometry or as openGL lines in the C4D viewport. Watch Video

Plant Branching

MultiFlora plants can branch out in 2 levels, providing realistic complexity to the plant. Watch Video

Hyper Realistic Wind

MultiFlora plants react to wind in a natural flowing manner with intuitive contols. Watch Video

Wind Caching

Wind caching plots the wind speed and enables plants to render with motion blur. Watch Video

Per-Element Wind

Wind can be controlled at the individual element level for a customized wind simulation. Watch Video

Wind Modulation

Wind Modulation allows for varying wind intensities across the MultiFlora plant areas. Watch Video

Extensive Plant Library

MultiFlora ships with with a library of 50 realistic plants. Materials are not included. Check Library

Automatic Material Tags

Forester trees can be displayed as full geometry or as openGL lines in the C4D viewport. Watch Video

Material Selections

Materials can be assigned with custom selection tags to affect different parts of the plant. Watch Video

Distribution On Geometry

Plants can be emitted from custom geometry as unique polygonal objects. Watch Video


MultiCloner Feature List


Point Display

Clones can be displayed as points in the Cinema 4D viewport for fast scene redraw. Watch Video

Render Instances

Populate vast polygonal areas with ease using Cinema 4D instancing technology. Watch Video

Renderer Support

Forester supports natively all major Cinema 4D third party renderers including Vray, Octane, Arnold and more

Distribution Paterns

Clone distribution can be divided according to a controllable noise pattern. Watch Video

Level Of Detail

Clones can be distributed sequentially to a center thus creating a Level of Detail distribution . Watch Video

Linear Distribution

Clones can be distributed in a tilable and rotatable linear pattern like grass in a soccer field. Watch Video

Radial Distribution

Clones can be distributed in circular rings with controls for ring radius and unique ring count. Watch Video

Random Distribution

The default clone distribution pattern is random,  with controls for randomness scale. Watch Video

Distribution Turbulence

Any distribution type can be turbulized to add randomness and realism. Watch Video

Distribution Bias

MultiCloner can be prioritize clones according to bias and target controls. Watch Video

Render Count

Clone count can be kept to a minimum in the viewport and multiplied at render time. Watch Video

Even Spacing

Clones can be evenly spaced to remove overlap. This is useful in the case of trees. Watch Video

Transform Offset

Clones can be transformed locally within MultiCloner, removing the need to adjust the masters. Watch Video


Clones can be oriented upright regardless of the distribution geometry normals. Watch Video


Clones can be randomized in position, rotation and scale, to easily create randomness. Watch Video

Distribution On Curve

Clones can be distributed on curves with spacing and normalization controls. Watch Video


Clones can be grown by scaling with controls for overlap and smoothness. Watch Video

Filter By Camera

Clones can be filtered by camera frustum, distance and backface culling. Watch Video

Filter By Vertex Map

MultiCloner can filter clones according to user created vertex maps with realtime feedback. Watch Video

Filter By Polygons

MultiCloner can filter out clones according to user specified polygon selections. Watch Video

Filter By Noise

Clones can be filtered according to a procedural noise pattern with scale and phase controls. Watch Video

Filter By Center

MultiCloner can be filter out clones according to distance from an  arbitrary center. Watch Video

Filter By Slope

Clones can be filtered out by the slope angle of the surface over which they are generated. Watch Video

Filter By Height

Clones can be filtered by the height of the polygons over which they are generated. Watch Video


Forester Rocks Feature List


Optimized Display

Rocks can have different viewport and render resolutionsWatch Video

Render Subdivisions

Rocks can have high render subdivision count for render time detailed output.

Rock Scaling

Rocks can be scaled in X Y Z with noise patterns adapting without stretching.

Rock Inclination

Rocks can be inclined from the top down to allow for natural rock formations.

Rock Profile By Curve

Rocks can be scaled according to profile curves for arbitrary cross sections.

3 Deformation Levels

Rocks can have up to 3 different deformation levels to shape the rock

Rock Tapering

Rocks can be tapered to allow for flat bases letting the rock rest on the ground.

Rock Randomization

Fast access randomize button insures convenient workflow with minimal effort.

View Rock Gallery