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This is the 3DQUAKERS End User License Agreement

Customers of 3dquakers products, such as Forester for Cinema 4D or Forester for Softimage, are not allowed to sell any assets produced by the usage of those software or products. Customers cannot sell or resell trees, plants, rocks or any 3d models or assets created by the use of Forester for Cinema 4D or Forester for Softimage, be it in an online shop or by personal transaction.

A software user is a licensee rather than an owner of a copy where the copyright owner (i.e. 3DQUAKERS) specifies that the user is granted a license . When buying a product from 3DQUAKERS, you are buying the right to use the software. The buyer does not own the software.

By purchasing any product from 3DQUAKERS, the customer agrees with the aforementioned rules and conditions.